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As a fellow new yorker/Uptown bred kid,I truly respect and admire what sir rock has been doing for the game as of late. Dont get it twisted though this dude is not stealing texas swag or trying to be the new pimp c.If anything he’s paying homage through music. Southern Life is his muse apparently and all artists know that when you find a muse,it engulfs you 1000 fold. With Rocky its like juvenile meets rick james. Or prince in a trap house.

Im rambling but if you havent heard of this dude yet,get hip to his music. His debut mixtape: LiveLoveA$AP and the debut album we’ve all been waiting for:LongLiveASAP is dropping mid-january.

But yo, i got beef regarding this album since a certain song with Lana Del Rey wont be featured on it.


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